Gunborg Palme

Contact information
Postal address: Skeppargatan 73,
SE-115 30 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8-664 60 92
best time weekdays 17.45-18
Virtual address: Palmehuset

Certified Psychotherapist
Anxiety  o  Phobias  o  Eating disorders  o  Overweight  o  Bulimia Nervosa  o  Aneroxia  o  Compulsive disorders  o   Family and relations therapy  o Cognitive, gestalt- and behavioural therapy.

(In Swedish)
Theory and treatment of obesity (1980)
 o  Obesity can be cured (1981)
 o  Effective weight reduction (1994)

Certified Psychologist
Teacher, lecturer and tutor on psychotherapy and eating disorders.
 Recovering from Bulimia Nervosa (1992)
 Personality characteristics of females seeking treatment for obesity, bulimia nervosa and alcoholic disorders (1998)
 Current research overview

Free Online Medical Advice on Psychological Problems
Anorexia  o  bulimia  o  eating disorders  o  obesity  o  psychotherapy  o  relations, conflicts, love, marriage  o  slimming  o   free advice  o mental health  o  child care  o  sexual problems

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